West Cobb Extreme 8U ’11 – Casebolt-Fuchs

About West Cobb Extreme 8U – Casebolt/Fuchs

Based in Powder Springs, Georgia, West Cobb Extreme 8U (2011) is a fastpitch travel softball team.

West Cobb Extreme 8U competes in local, state, regional and national tournaments. These tournaments are sanctioned events produced by USSSA, ASA/USA Sofball, and other regional and national organizations.

Each member of the West Cobb Extreme 8U fastpitch softball travel team is a highly skilled student athlete competing on local, state, regional, and national levels. The team provides a positive environment with a strong emphasis on team unity, individual skill improvement and sound fundamentals. The team’s coaches encourage each player to be good students, embrace good work habits, maintain a positive attitude and treat everyone with respect.

West Cobb Extreme 8U is a travel expansion team and represents West Cobb Girls Softball Association, a non-profit youth softball organization based out of Lost Mountain Park in Powder Springs, Georgia.

West Cobb Extreme 8U Team Coaches
  • T.J. Casebolt, Head Coach
  • Chad Fuchs, Head Coach

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